Successful Companies Have Great Cultures

5 thoughts on “Successful Companies Have Great Cultures”

    1. Good question! It was a mix of both. The culture existed at the time I was hired and I bought into the culture and promoted it within the divisions I had responsibility for as well. I also believe that the company hired leaders with values similar to the report’s so it was an easy blend them together. Hiring talent with the values and beliefs of your organization helps to promote and live up to your company’s objectives.


  1. Good read. Your last paragraph was very profound. In an organization where some or all of the necessary components that harness a culture of consistent performance are lacking, I think the challenge may be to re-socialize leaders who are accustomed to the existing norms. How can an organisation gain buy -in from its employees if they are re- branding or embarking on attempting to change the organisation’s culture ?


    1. I absolutely agree with your statement that leaders need to be re-socialized. I can tell you that my John Maxwell Training exposure has profoundly impacted my leadership style and we need to expose more leaders to those leadership concepts. As a trained John Maxwell Trainer I sometimes cringed at what people refer to as leading and hope more leaders can be exposed to this type of leadership training.

      As it relates to getting buy in, we need to make employees a part of the change. Challenge them to find incorporate the Vision and Mission in ways that are meaningful to them. An example of this: when the resort I worked at changed their vision statement they challenged all departments to participate in a competition where they either sang, danced or did some skit or however they interpreted it. A winner was selected but the beauty of it was that they made the employees a part of the process in a creative way.

      Organizations must move away from stuffing changes down the necks of employees and move to be more inclusive of them instead. Changing culture is no easy task though. It takes time, consistency of effort, accountable leaders living the values, reinforcement of those values, flexibility. It helps if you have champions in all departments. These champions push the change in creative ways that foster team building. There are key people in every organization that can sway their colleagues in one direction or another. Get that person to buy in. Their influence helps.

      There is no simple fit nor does one solution fit every organization. It’s sometimes very beneficial for the organization to hire a coach to help them along this process.


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