“Blow Away the Customer”

5 thoughts on ““Blow Away the Customer””

  1. Great article. .. great points. .. loved the example of the restaurant i.e. server and hostess because although they may have a job description or at least told what is expected of them this alone should not be the extent of the company’s goals, vision, mission or values. And as an employee I need know so we all can be very clear of the overall goal… win win.


    1. In order to “Blow Away the Customer”” commitment to service begins with the employee. A company may spend many hours and loads of money with staff in training, but it proves useless if the individual’s heart is not in the job. Expections for each employee are set to communicate standards, of course, but it takes loving what one does to go beyond the standard duty and exceed expectations in order to do the exceptional and “Blow Away the Customer.”


      1. A switched on employee is important to the success of any business I absolutely agree. There are many components that need to work together for customers to receive exceptional customer service. Talent selection is one of the most important keys to success.


  2. I agree with your premise, and as expected your thoughts were coherently expressed, and I concur. I love how you developed the idea of different exceptations from employees in the same establishment – I was wondering where you were going with that at first!

    Very good article, I eagerly anticipate another one.

    Ps. In the future try to avoid using contractions in formal writing.


  3. Thank you for your timely article as it’s a phrase I constantly use in my business. I am now challenged to think about what it truly means and what I really want to be conveyed to each customer by every employee from the top down. The twist forces business owners to ensure that all staff are blowing away the customer and to define exactly what it means.


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